Zucca is the result of a life long passion for food and the places in which it is served. My initial intention was to create a restaurant in which I would frequent myself - a place that is not only considered in both its food and design, but one that has a personality and identity.

The restaurant will always be an evolving project, one that adjusts it's approach when new ideas and concepts become apparent. 

Design will play a more key role as surroundings can have a dramatic impact on a dining experience. The menu will show progression in it's form and in what it delivers, whilst always retaining the necessity of maximum flavour. Our wines will continue to be representative of the regions from which they are from, maintaining tradition in the grape varieties used, and reflective of the people who make them.

But overall Zucca will continue to develop in a way that feels natural with nothing being forced or faked. It will always be a place that reflects who I am and what influences me at that moment in time…


Take-away wine - 15% off list price.

Our spacious private room is located in the kitchen of the restaurant, adjoined by a glass-walled wine cellar. We offer various dining options from a bespoke menu with matching wines to our Zucca à la carte menu. The space is available to hire for meetings or wine tastings.

For further information please contact us at reservations or +44(0)207 378 6809.

2015 – Regional events

In this year’s forthcoming schedule we will revert back to our extremely popular Regional Events concept, but taking it in a new direction, for both the main room and private dining. For more information on these events please contact our reservations and request to be on our mail out list.


2015 - Farina update

Currently no date is confirmed for the opening of Farina. We will keep you posted.


Zucca Diary

The Zucca Diary is now live. Click here to read about food, wine, travel and restaurant news direct from the Zucca team.


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20/05/13 - Regional Nights

Here are the dates for the forthcoming regional nights in the main dining room. On these evenings both the food and wines are devoted solely to the entire region…

Le Marche 30/05/2013
Puglia 27/06/2013
Calabria 25/07/2013
Sicily 29/08/2013
Lazio 26/09/2013
Umbria 31/10/2013

further dates will follow…..please contact reservations to reserve.


Throughout the course of the year we will be holding various events in both the main dining room and the PDR. These events will range from specific regional nights to exclusive wine tastings and dinners. All other happenings and up to date news will also be posted here.

Zucca Featured Artists

Tom Anholt lives and works in Berlin. Anholt is interested in the idea that a painter can conjure up a self-contained world, which exists only within the canvas. In his recent work, his intention is to realise this as fully as possible. "I want my viewer to take a journey through streets and tunnels, up stairs and into dead ends." Tom Anholt studied at Chelsea College of Art and is currently working with Mikael Andersen Gallery (Berlin/Copenhagen). www.tomanholt.com

Justin Eagle's reading of visual culture is through the appropriation of sign; “contemporary urban reality through symbols whose familiarity grants them a sort of invisibility in everyday life.” (Colin Perry) Eagle graduated from the Royal College of Art, has exhibited across the UK and was artist in residence at The Florence Trust, London 2010-11. He had his first London solo show at Vitrine Bermondsey Square in 2011. www.vitrinegallery.co.uk/artist/justin-eagle/
Justin Eagle's artworks are exhibited by VITRINE and are for sale, contact Alys Williams, alys@vitrinegallery.co.uk or +44 (0)20 7407 6496. 



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